Pale Blue Skin

by Lysistrata

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EP - Pale Blue Skin
Sortie 31/05/2017


released May 31, 2017

Enregistré et composé par Lysistrata
(Théo Guéneau, Max Roy & Ben Amos Cooper)
* Enregistré @ Beam! Studio, Montreuil
** Enregistré en live @ Ricard S.A Live Music Warehouse
*** Enregistré en live @ Secret Spot

Enregistré et mixé par Romain Della Valle
Masterisé par Alan Douches au West West Side Studio à New York

Un grand merci à Ricard S.A Live Music de nous avoir permis de le créer ;)



all rights reserved



Post un peu tout (rock, noise, pop,...).
Énergie arithmétique.
Mélodie algébrique.

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Track Name: Small Box
I feel my lungs fill as I drop closer to the cold sea bed

My right palm aches as I crush it back and forth into my head

The rays of the sun they jitter on my pale blue skin

Distorted by the waves that make their way towards the bay

pushing outwards on these walls

but they don’t move an inch

they just seem to get closer

dig my grave, dig it, I’m ready

Breeze. Blocks.

Breeze blocks in my head.

Push. Me.

Push me off the edge.

Breeze. Blocks.

Breeze blocks in my head.

Push. Me.

Push me off the edge.
Track Name: Pantalonpantacourt
I’m gonna steal your jeans

woh oh, woh oh

I’m gonna tear them from your skin

I’m gonna tear them from you

woh oh, woh oh

I’m gonna rip them into shorts

I’m gonna rip them into

woh oh, woh oh

I’m gonna be the coolest kid

I’m gonna be the coolest

woh oh, woh
Track Name: Sugar & Anxiety
He woke up this morning, his hungover head pressing down on the warm red pillows
Whilst She was sat on the edge, of the white sheeted bed, with her two bare feet on the cold tiled floor
She was facing the wall, with her back to his face
And she heard his heavy breathing, and they felt this awkward feeling that was settling in the room
So in the deepest silence, He walked out.
She heard him in the shower, peeling off the skin, of whoever he was yesterday evening
He knows he wasn’t right, he didn’t keep his cool, but there’s something dark inside him that keep’s chewing on his flesh
Let it out
Leave him be
Tell her ‘bout it
No, he can’t. It’s nothing real, it’s nothing right, it’s everything, it is nothing, it’s all so vague, it’s all so hard, it’s all so black, it’s all so bright, a perfect day in the sun light, a rainy cloud above his head, his tangled hair, the drugs he takes, his heart so full of the frustration of spending his whole entire life being the complete opposite of who he always wanted to be.

Sweaty hands on the steering wheel. Drive.